What AI is Everyone Using on Tiktok?

Ever found yourself wondering, ‘What AI is everyone using on TikTok?’ I did too, and discovered it’s all about AI filters transforming us ‘hoomans’ into unique AI-generated anime characters.

The “AI Manga filter” is the talk of the town on TikTok. This simple yet uber-popular app has managed to outshine every cheugy-looking Chad and Stacy with their pop & lock shenanigans.

After seeing the AI Manga filter in over 9.8 million videos, I had to give it a try. The surreal transformation was nothing short of amazing. It’s clear that TikTok’s clever use of AI technology is keeping users hooked and the platform continuously evolving.

AI in TikTok: A Brief Overview

AI Filters and Effects

On TikTok, the use of AI filters and effects has rapidly gained popularity. These filters utilize artificial intelligence to augment videos with creative and engaging visuals. For instance, I recently discovered the AI Manga (Anime) filter through this source. This filter and others like it have appeared in over 9.8 million videos, showcasing their popularity among TikTok users. They can be applied to faces, objects, and even pets, to add a fun and interactive touch to the content.

AI Chatbots and Avatars

TikTok is continuously expanding and evolving its AI capabilities. One example I came across is the testing of a chatbot called Tako. Tako aims to recommend videos based on users’ queries, adding another layer of customization to the TikTok experience. Chatbots and AI avatars are just the beginning of how TikTok plans to integrate AI into their platform, making the app more interactive and personalized for its users.

As a user, I find it fascinating to observe the many ways AI continues to shape the social media landscape, especially on platforms like TikTok. The rapid development of filters, art, and chatbots demonstrates how AI is increasingly becoming an essential part of content creation and user experience.

AI Art and Manga

Apart from filters, TikTok also offers AI-generated art and manga-styled visuals. The AI Manga filter I mentioned previously is just one example of how AI technology transforms user images and videos into anime-style characters. I have seen TikTok creators experiment with AI-generated artwork, taking advantage of this trendy feature to create visually appealing and innovative content for their audience.

AI Art and Manga - AI Haven


Lensa is one of the most popular AI apps on TikTok right now. It allows users to upload their own images and transform them into AI-generated images. This app is not only popular on TikTok but has also made its way to other platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and even for iOS users. I personally find it interesting to see how different people’s photos turn out after using Lensa AI.


Another AI tool that is gaining popularity on TikTok is Meitu. This app creates amazing AI face and AI manga transformations. It’s amazing how it can turn users into realistic anime characters. I recommend trying Meitu if you enjoy anime or simply want to explore a new creative look for your TikTok content.

Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo is an AI-powered app that lets users create impressive digital art using AI-based tools. It has gained a lot of attention on TikTok for its stunning capabilities. With Dream by Wombo, it’s easy to transform your regular photos into dream-like images that look like they were masterpieces created by a professional artist. I find the app’s results mind-blowing and a creative way to update your TikTok feed.

AI Portrait Filter

The AI Portrait Filter has taken TikTok by storm, with over 6.6 million videos using this filter. It’s interesting to see what kind of anime character this tool will turn you into. I’ve had a lot of fun trying it on myself and my friends to see what the AI manga version of us looks like. This filter truly is an exciting way to see yourself or anyone else in a whole new light.

Whether you use Lensa, Meitu, Dream by Wombo, or AI Portrait Filter, these popular AI tools can help breathe new life into your TikTok content, setting your imagination free and providing endless entertainment for your audience and yourself.


Integration and Impact on User Experience

Content Creation and Editing

As a user on TikTok, I noticed how the app leverages AI in various aspects of video content creation and editing. With AI-driven tools and features, content creators like me can easily produce impressive videos, even if we don’t have prior editing experience. The platform is particularly popular among young people interested in creating and sharing short, creative clips on topics like pop culture and anime.

AI-powered effects and filters are available right within the app, allowing me to upload my content and enhance it with various visual or audio effects before sharing it with my audience. This focus on effortless content creation has made TikTok a go-to platform for people looking to express themselves creatively.

Enhancing User Interactions

The AI-driven algorithms of TikTok play a significant role in enhancing user interactions on the platform. As a user, my feed is tailored based on my preferences, providing me with more personalized and relevant content.

This means that I am more likely to see videos that align with my interests and engage with them by liking, commenting, or sharing. Perceived recommendation accuracy contributes to users’ optimal flow experience, making the platform more engaging and addictive.

Privacy and Security Considerations

While the use of AI on TikTok has many positive aspects, it is essential to address privacy and security concerns as well. As a user, I’m conscious that the information I provide to the platform, such as my gender or the type of content I interact with, can be used to train its algorithms.

Considering the cancel culture prevalent today, it’s essential to be aware of the potential pitfalls and take necessary precautions while sharing content and participating in online interactions. In light of these concerns, I encourage other users to be mindful about their online presence and practice good privacy habits.

AI Influence on Social Media Landscape

Comparison With Competitors

A growing trend among social media platforms is the incorporation of AI-based algorithms into their key functionalities. As a user of social media platforms myself, I have noticed that TikTok’s AI sets it apart from its competitors like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

In my experience, TikTok’s algorithm has been incredibly effective at understanding my preferences and tailoring content suggestions to my interests. This personalization increases engagement and is a significant factor in TikTok’s rapid growth.

Comparatively, my interactions with Facebook and Instagram’s AI have appeared more focused on advertising, but they do use AI to suggest content through features like “Explore” on Instagram. Snapchat, on the other hand, is more known for its AI-driven filters and lenses. However, they don’t offer the same personalized content suggestions as TikTok, especially for video recommendations.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Douyin, TikTok’s Chinese version, also utilizes AI technologies to provide a similarly engaging user experience.

The AI used on TikTok and other social media platforms has led to several trends that have shaped the online landscape:

  • Influencer marketing: AI-driven recommendations have allowed influencers to grow their following on platforms like TikTok. I’ve observed that these recommendations help users discover new content creators that they might not have found otherwise, ultimately helping influencers expand their reach and grow their audience.
  • Short-form video content: AI algorithms on platforms like TikTok prioritize short-looping videos that can be quickly consumed and shared. As a result, I’ve noticed a push toward shorter content across various social media platforms, as they compete to capture users’ attention in a rapidly changing online ecosystem.
  • Visual effects and filters: AI-based software solutions are increasingly used to create visually appealing content, enhancing images, and videos with filters, overlays, and effects. For instance, Snapchat’s AI-powered filters and TikTok’s built-in video editing features make it easy for me and countless other users to create engaging content effortlessly.

AI has significantly impacted the social media landscape, shaping user behavior, content creation, and influencing the way platforms operate. Apps like TikTok have harnessed the power of AI, demonstrating its potential in creating a personalized and engaging user experience by successfully adapting to user preferences and behaviors.

Future of AI on TikTok and Beyond

As I explore the future of AI on TikTok and other social media platforms, it’s essential to consider new technologies, community and engagement, as well as ethical considerations.

New Technologies

With AI continuously evolving, I anticipate a surge in new technologies that will enable TikTok users to create even more engaging content. Machine learning and advancements in chatbots, for instance, could lead to personalized experiences for users, tailoring content based on their preferences and interactions.

I can only imagine how the popularity of AI filters will pave the way for more innovative and interactive features, as seen recently in the AI Manga filter which took TikTok by storm. It’s my belief that as TikTok adapts AI advancements, the platform will become more dynamic, revolutionizing the way users interact with content.

Community and Engagement

In terms of community and engagement, TikTok’s AI has already played a significant role in connecting users from different parts of the globe. For instance, someone in the Philippines might be watching and interacting with content from creators in Paris.

I can see a future where AI further bridges the gap between users and even recommends content based on their cultural background and interests. Social media companies like TikTok will increasingly leverage AI to drive comments, views, and search, enhancing the platform’s overall user experience. Users and creators alike will be able to tap into new communities, broadening their networks.

Ethical Considerations

As fantastic as AI promises to be on TikTok and beyond, I must acknowledge the ethical considerations that arise with its growth. Privacy and data protection are always a concern, with millions of users entrusting their personal information to these social media platforms. I believe it’s crucial for companies like TikTok to remain watchful and adhere to responsible AI practices, ensuring user data is protected and not misused.

Moreover, users should be aware of TikTok’s terms of use, and TikTok should actively enforce policies that discourage harmful content. There’s a responsibility to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all users, and AI can help ensure that everyone is protected and respected on the platform.

Ultimately, AI has already made a significant impact on TikTok and similar platforms, and with new technologies, increased user engagement, and careful ethical considerations, I’m confident that AI will continue to revolutionize the social media landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI art filter name

One of the most popular AI filters on TikTok is the AI Manga (Anime) filter. This filter has taken over the platform, with thousands of users trying it out to transform their appearance into an animated character. I’ve seen over 9.8 million videos (via the data) using the filter, showing its super popularity among the TikTok community.

How to use AI effect

To use an AI effect on TikTok, first, open the TikTok app and tap on the “+” icon to create a new video. Then, click on the “Effects” option at the bottom left corner. From there, you can browse through the various effects available, including AI filters. If you want to use the AI art filter, search for “AI Manga” or “Anime” in the effects search bar. Apply the effect, and record your video.

Apart from the native AI filters available on TikTok, there are numerous external apps gaining popularity among users for their AI features. One such app is Voilà AI Artist, which transforms your selfies into artistic paintings. Another option is Avatarify, which uses AI technology to animate still images and create the illusion that they are speaking. These apps are popularly used to create eye-catching and engaging content on TikTok.

AI manga filter trend

The AI Manga filter trend on TikTok has been a hit among users, who are fascinated by the way it can turn them or objects around them into anime-style characters. This trend has inspired a variety of creative videos, from showing transformations to using the filter on pets and even inanimate objects.

AI TikTok girl origin

The term “AI TikTok girl” likely refers to virtual influencers who have seen a rise in popularity across social media platforms, including TikTok. These AI-generated characters are designed to look and act like real influencers and usually have a unique personality and style. They attract large followings through their engaging content and, in some cases, even collaborate with real-life influencers and brands.

AI technology is increasingly being used to create or participate in various TikTok trends. Creators utilize AI filters, effects, and apps to transform their videos, making them more engaging and visually appealing. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots like Tako are being tested by TikTok to recommend videos based on user queries, showing the platform’s focus on user personalization and interaction through AI technology.

In Conclusion

As AI advancements continue, I anticipate that we’ll see even more creative and innovative ways AI will be used by the TikTok community. TikTok’s innovative use of AI has revolutionized the social media landscape, offering users a unique, personalized experience.

From AI filters like the AI Manga that transform users into anime characters, to AI apps like Lensa and Meitu that create stunning AI-generated images, TikTok has harnessed the power of AI to keep users engaged and entertained.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that AI will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the social media landscape. So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, exploring the best AI tools for advertising on platforms like TikTok is a must.